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Electronic Product Design

Whatever the project, simple or complex, our experienced team of electronic engineers can provide a unique solution.


We design electronic products for a wide variety of clients - from the individual entrepreneur with a great idea to SMEs planning to evolve an existing product.

Electronic Design Team

Our extensive electronic design capabilities enable us to meet our clients' product development requirements exactly.

  • Our electronic design team includes engineers with significant experience in the commercial sector, senior university academics and innovative problem solvers
  • With broad experience and utilising a rigorous design process, the team has the skills to deliver a wide range of products
  • MotionTouch is involved in a wide range of exciting projects, which enables us to attract highly talented engineers
  • Each member of the team works across a variety of projects, to keep their skill and interest levels high
  • We have links with major silicon suppliers to ensure we are using the latest products, and to deliver the technology and price points that our customers require

Manufacturing Expertise

Our designs are ready for manufacture. The design and engineering teams work closely with our production team from an early stage, to ensure that designs are realistic and ready for manufacture. This breadth and depth of experience enables MotionTouch to take a product from concept to design, and then prototype and production.

Design Protection

At MotionTouch we understand the value of ideas, so we provide protection for you.

  • We have confidentiality agreements in place with each of our suppliers to protect our clients' intellectual property
  • We can also advise on patent filing and design rights

The Design Process

Our company culture is all about product innovation. Our design process is structured to leverage your skills and knowledge and our manufacturing expertise enables us to deliver cost effective and realistic designs.

Unlike purely design focused companies our designs will be ready for manufacture and, at the end of the process, we can provide exact costs for tooling and production.

At MotionTouch we can reduce our clients' project risk because we:

  • Take full responsibility for the product from development to delivered product
  • Will solve issues that may occur as we have a wide variety of engineering skills available to cover all aspects of the product development process

Here is an outline of the various stages of our design process:

  1. Initial Consultation

    We will listen to your product idea and expectations and discuss any other pertinent factors about your product.

  2. Review Meeting

    We will then have a meeting with you, which will include a member of our client service team, one of our designers and an appropriately skilled member of our engineering team, to discuss the complete design requirement and establish all technical and commercial options - for example:

    • Required features and additional 'nice to have' options
    • Materials and finish
    • Manufacturing process
    • Production volume and batch sizes
    • Exterior packaging requirements
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Potential market size

    For electronic products the following options are also considered: potential chip and component selection, physical package and enclosure design and potential limiting factors, such as power requirements.

    The engineer will suggest the best method of manufacture, ways to improve, enhance or refine the product and how to save cost.

  3. Objectives & Requirements Spec

    All the information and details agreed are used to develop an Objectives & Requirements Specification document, which is prepared by MotionTouch and reviewed and edited with the client. Its purpose is to fully define what is required from the product development process. Once this is agreed and signed off, the project plan can be drawn up and the correct resources allocated to the project. A list of deliverables and acceptance criteria can also be defined.

  4. Quotation

    With all of this information established we can prepare a quotation for you and once the quote has been approved the design stage begins in earnest.

  5. Design

    The concept is turned into detailed designs from which the product can be manufactured. We predominantly use a sophisticated 3D CAD package called SolidWorks. This allows us to build the product in 3D and examine every facet of its features, appearance and structural strength and integrity. We can produce photographic quality images, which we will share with you and which can be used to review the product with your colleagues and potential customers.

    Electronic design may involve several engineers. Once the component selection has been made and verified our electronic and firmware engineers will work in parallel. If we are designing an enclosure for the product this work will also be carried out on a parallel path using SolidWorks.

    Once you have reviewed the designs we can make any changes you may require.

    The MotionTouch design and engineering teams work with the team responsible for future production from an early stage, which results in a more certain design outcome, production-ready designs and a more tightly focused project plan.

    Skill sets used in the design process may include, for example:

    • Industrial design
    • Electronic engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Materials engineering
    • Production engineering
    • Software/firmware development
    • FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
    • Project management
  6. Project Coordination

    A project co-ordinator oversees the design process and co-ordinates both MotionTouch and the client's inputs. Product development is a collaborative process so there is always a dialogue between MotionTouch and the client, with the client providing input at key stages. A change control process is used to manage any variation from the initial specification that may occur during the project. Depending upon the project there may be one or several delivery stages. At each of these the customer will 'sign-off' to confirm that the deliverable has been accepted and the project is on course.

  7. Prototype & Testing

    During the design stage functional or early prototypes may be produced. These are very useful in testing design assumptions and informing the design process. 3D CAD modelling also allows us to review detailed and realistic models of the product and review changes that may be required. There are sometimes limitations with prototypes due to restrictions in the materials and processes that are available prior to full manufacture.

    In electronic design we will often make a 'cheese board' prototype first. This will demonstrate only the electronic functions and will not be to the same scale as the intended final product. Later, we may make a physical prototype to the same scale as the intended final product together with the electronic functions.

    The outcome of the prototype & testing stage may result in further work to refine designs. Once the design is finished and testing with the prototype is producing satisfactory results the project moves on to the production stage, starting with tooling.

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